looking for a babysitter

After a few adventures worthy of Rosemary’s baby while I was looking for a babysitter (I don’t know which one made me want to hang myself more, between the babysitter who had her boyfriend come to my house in secret, the one who made up my daughter as Madonna “for fun” or the one I found in front of a Teva TV movie with a coffee while my daughter was playing on the floor with her birth bracelet, normally hidden in a jewelry box) so was looking for a babysitter worthy of the name.

We all know that finding someone you trust in our city to give them our precious kids is not easy. So I accepted some help from people around me: when I was offered to call on a neighbor’s daughter, I gladly accepted. And regretted it later, because a week before my important meeting, this one simply canceled (well, she asked her mom to cancel for her.)

So here I am again in search of a reliable person, available in less than 7 days, punctual, and preferably non-psychopath.

Finally, three young girls offered to babysit: Nora, 25, seems perfect in every way. However, she lives 1 hour 40 minutes from my house and the idea of ​​paying for the taxi for her return hardly to me. Lauren, 16, has already babysat (her brother, sister, and her nephew who choked on the day she babysat but it’s a coincidence, she swears) and a young girl we will call Anaïs, also 16 years old. She says she is passionate about children. She lives 10 minutes walk from my house and calls me back several times by email and text message with lots of smileys: proof of good humor, I suppose.

After a quick interview, I decided to call on Anaïs despite her young age. The day of the appointment … I am ready, my daughter too, I have prepared a list and a schedule for the evening … it is 6:28 pm. At 6:29 p.m., I received a text message: “I’ve an emergency. Sory” I don’t know what distressed me the most: the cancellation by text message 1 minute before the baby sitting, or the “sory” with one R.

It’s the daily routine of a working mother, so I had to go to this event with my daughter under my arm. For this evening, a solution is therefore found: but the young Anaïs also had to babysit my daughter 48 hours later, for a very important meeting (you know, this kind of meeting where you are asked: “you cannot come because your daughter does not have a babysitter that day? yes, yes, well don’t come at all, you will have time to watch her this way “) (I’m exaggerating, I wasn’t really told that, but this sentence is stolen from a young mother friend).

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