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What are the qualities of a super babysitter? And, on the contrary, what fault can you not tolerate? How do you know if she really has the strengths she advertises and be sure you don’t have any bad surprises? We will answer your questions and help you in your selection!

Even if your child has a place in a nursery or great grandparents, the occasional use of a babysitter is inevitable from time to time. An unexpected late meeting, a business trip, a dinner with friends… There are many opportunities. In these cases, having a regular super nanny always helps. Don’t have one yet and are actively looking for one? Of course, it is not a question of entrusting your baby-sitter to the first comer, but of selecting someone you trust, serious and caring – in short, to find your Mary Poppins. Here is the list of qualities that parents generally pay attention to in order to have a top babysitter, and the flaws to avoid. Of course, it’s up to you to make your own list of criteria and above all, to trust your feeling when you meet your nanny at home!

The qualities of a super babysitter

While anyone can volunteer to babysit, not everyone is a great babysitter. It takes a number of qualities to properly care for one or more children when the parents are away. Even more so when it comes to a baby.

She loves children

Obviously, a good babysitter should love children. She has to do this job because she enjoys being in contact with the little ones. So it’s best to think twice before hiring a young student who is just looking to make some pocket money or who does the job for lack of anything better. You can realize this quality during the first contact you have with her: ask her about her motives and see how she reacts with your children.

She makes your child feel comfortable

A good feeling between your toddler and her babysitter is essential, and more important than the feeling you have with her yourself. Indeed, do not forget that he is the one who will be alone with her for several hours. If she scares him or he doesn’t feel safe around her, find someone else. Even if the one you chose has a lot of recommendations and a lot of experience in childcare. An alchemy between the babysitter and your child will allow you to fully enjoy your evening without him and will also allow him to have a great time.

She is reactive

Your biggest fear as a parent is that your baby will hurt herself when you are away. So one of the qualities of a super babysitter is being prepared for all eventualities, who knows how to react in the event of an incident or, better, who has a first-aid certificate is bound to be more reassuring. To check his ability to react, you can ask him during an interview: “if my child has a fever, what do you do?”, “Do you know the emergency numbers?” Etc. You can also request a copy of the patent.

She is qualified

Okay, there is no specific diploma to become a babysitter. But there are some more qualified than others because they hold first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) certifications or are in studies related to childhood or care (cap early childhood, parental assistant training, etc.). maybe also because they are used to looking after young children: their little brothers and sisters or other children (during other babysitting or in a holiday center, for example). example). In the absence of a diploma or certification, she has references or recommendations from the parents of these previous babysitting.

She is resourceful and creative

Imagine your children alone with it on a rainy day or an evening without electricity. A good babysitter knows how to occupy the children, even while staying at home – and especially without it turning into a battlefield. She must have kept her child’s soul to want to play board games, prepare small “DIY” or “cooking” workshops, watch the same cartoons over and over again (if you allow TV), or read books. stories together. So when you communicate with her, ask her what activities she plans to do during home child care.

She is punctual

A good babysitter is punctual. It is indeed out of the question that, as part of after-school care, your little one will wait for 1 hour in front of the school or at the end of his music lesson. Punctuality is necessary for any job and babysitting is no exception. To verify this, see when the Sitter arrives during your interview and what comments parents have left about her.

Faults not to be tolerated

There is no such thing as the perfect babysitter, simply because no one is perfect and most importantly, everyone has different expectations and there are many types of babysitters, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Nevertheless, it is best to consider a little more in-depth certain shortcomings that are not compatible with home child care.

She does not have the same education methods as you

Ask your babysitter what she thinks of the punishments. If she tells you that she doesn’t mind giving your difficult kids a pat when the need arises when you advocate for a “zero violence” education, find someone else. Likewise, ask her how she would react if the child does not finish his plate at the meal or if he refuses to obey. Of course, a babysitter will adapt to your methods – don’t forget to mention them before the first performance – but if too big differences are evident from the interview, you might as well avoid any risk.

She is abrupt

Does she speak harshly, make abrupt gestures, and look quickly exasperated or upset? Maybe you should avoid hiring him. Your children need gentleness and patience, although a measured dose of authority is always welcome.

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