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You would think that celebrity parents only buy expensive and useless items for their babies. Well, your assumption about the expensive part would be correct. However, the items that they buy for their kids are actually quite useful. The average parent wants to ensure buying good quality items, that meet the safety standards. That is why they try to only purchase new items, since the safety standards criteria changes constantly. However, most parents are not concerned about brand names, unless it is associated with safety and practicality. Not with prestige, the one thing that celebrities are concerned about, in addition to safety standard.

Let’s go over 4 items that celebs have bought for their babies that actually do serve a purpose right now:

The Bloom Highchair 

This highchair is one item that you have only heard of celebs buying it, because it’s extremely expensive as it is close to $600. And why spend that much on a highchair, well unless you are a celebrity and you have the money! The advantage of this highchair is that it’s incredibly accessible during meal times than a regular high chair. Not to mention, it is extremely comfortable. Kourtney Kardashian and UFC fighter Donor McGregor have used it for their kids and they love it.

The Mamaroo 

Another amazing item that celebs have gotten for their babies is the Mamaroo. It’s a comfortable and extremely high-tech baby swing. Mamaroo bounces the baby the same way as a human would while being carried around. That is why this item is so loved by the parents .

The Mamaroo costs at least $200, which is surely expensive, but not to the point that it would break the bank. Many celebs including Mel B who used to be part of the Spice Girls used this item for their babies and loved it!

The Snoo Crib 

babies crib

What is special about this? This crib has a great feature that gets the baby to snooze right away, unlike most cribs. It is not just extremely comfortable but it gently rocks the baby to sleep which is every parent’s dream. Some celebrities such as Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have bought it, and stated that they absolutely love it.

The Diono Rainier Car Seat 

You definitely want to get a good quality car seat for your baby, because safety is extremely important . However, the Diono Rainier is meant for a King or a Queen, because it is not just comfortable but it is made with the most expensive materials, and it is very easily accessible. This car seat make costs at least $400 which is really not necessary to spend on a car seat even though the safety is a big deal. However, this is the one car seat that celebs swear by as this is the only one that they would use for their babies. Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio did not hesitate to buy this for her baby for that reason as well. You may be shaking your head after reading this considering that it is not necessary to buy the most expensive baby items, even if they are practical. However, the average individual would agree with you. But again, money is not an object to celebrities like it is to most people such as yourself!