Full-time for 2 under 5 in Belton, SC

  • South Carolina
$100per day


  • Number of children : 2
  • Kids age : Under 2 years old, From 2 to 4 years


My kids are amazing. I know… I must be bias, right? Nope.

These kiddos continue to impress and amaze everyone.

The 4yo is intelligent, athletic, loving, hilarious ….bossy, moody, and so much like myself that sometimes I feel like I am looking in a mirror! This kid will charm you into anything – so you’ve got to have a strong backbone. The toddler thrives with routine, structure, and a LOT of attention.

The 4mo is sweet-as-sugar, super alert, and….very very hangry. This little nugget is all smiles and giggles unless they need something. It could be a bottle, a diaper, gas-drop or a good burp, teething tablets, or even just playtime… but you’ll know when something is wrong that needs fixing because they won’t let you ignore it! Once the problem is resolved, you’re most certainly back to smiles and giggles and coos!

About the Job…

  • Schedule
    • I work 8am – 4:30pm
    • My husband’s schedule will be better defined sometime around your start date, but may vary.
    • At minimum, you could expect to work 3 full days out of each week to start.
  • The kids
    • 4yo is expected to start school in August 2023
      • may request school drop-off or pick-up
    • 4mo will be staying home
    • 4mo would remain at home
  • Location: At our home
  • Tasks
    • Participate in play and passively educational activities
    • Light housekeeping
      • Dishes
      • Vaccum/Sweep
      • Tidying
    • Light meal prep (breakfast/snacks/lunch)
      • must be willing to assist in enforcing a healthy meal plan
    • Some travel
      • school pick-up and/or drop-off may be required
      • Occasional outings
      • Check-up Doctor’s appointments
  • Benefits
    • You may bring one child, under the age of 5, with you
      • Unfortunately, due to the tasks required, and the size of my home… I do not anticipate being able to allow you to bring more than one child.
    • Snacks and Lunch provided, optional
      • includes up to one child
    • Wifi
    • Access to Netflix, Disney +, etc.
    • Occasional outings, except to the nearby park, will be paid for and may include up to one child
  • Requirements are not strictly defined at this time.

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