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It’s safe to mention that YouTube is the most well-liked video platform out there. The simplicity of YouTube is one of the numerous reasons why it’s exploded in popularity over the years.
YouTube makes it really easy for content creators to share their content with an oversized audience. And as a result, there’s a good range of valuable content to find out there.
If you are a nanny or babysitter trying to find guidance, learning, or exploring, this is a list of top Youtube channels for babysitters and nannies that has some interesting content

Babysitter Boss

Babysitter Boss is sponsored by SafeSitter, the well-known child care training platform. It’s a series of funny, valuable, and well-produced babysitting videos. this channel tells you all you need to know about babysitting. it also will help you tackle babysitting challenges and give you some helpful tips. Like how to be the boss without being bossy, How to react when things go wrong with kids, and how to negotiate your salary…

The babysitter boss also has a website, an Instagram account, a Facebook page, and a Twitter account. But their most focus is on the Youtube channel. So make sure to subscribe to their channel and not miss their updates.

Lydia kutz

Lydia Kutz, is a young, enthusiastic, and well-educated girl, that was working with children for 10 years. She loves helping them learn and sharing her experience with others. Lydia started her channel only recently to help other babysitters learn how to connect better with the kids, how to better deal with behaviors, gain new clients, or just getting the kids to go to bed in a timely manner without a fight.

Lydia Kutz channel is rich with amazing content. And unlike other Youtube channels for babysitters, she keeps posting actively every week. Not only she covers every aspect of a babysitting job, but she also talks about interesting subjects like Covid-19, and other daily life activities.

The Nanny Solution

Behind this channel is Michelle Kelsey, the founder of The Nanny Solution by Nannies on Call. Michelle has been working for 20 years to ensure nannies are paid fairly and treated with respect. This Youtube channel is for every nanny whether she is professional or still looking to start her career. You will find many resources, tips, and ways to make more money in your childcare career. You will get the help you need with the ups and downs of working as a nanny by providing real solutions to help you handle interviews, daily challenges, work/life balance, self-care and more.

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